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Folding & Hanging

Laundry Folding & Clothes Hanging in Austin, TX

Keeping your wardrobe tidy and organized can be exhausting. Folding and hanging clothes takes hours out of your day, leaving little time to unwind. With The Iron Man Laundry Service, you can sit back while we get to work. Operated by a former soldier, we know how to fold clothes neatly and efficiently. We even sell our own line of hangers, so keeping your closet organized is a breeze.

Clothes Hanging

Laundry Folding

In an effort to bring optimum tidiness, we offer military-style folding. During this service, we use a specialized device that folds items exactly 40 inches around each side. This leaves you with a pristine, neatly folded garment. Our folding services are available for both clothing and miscellaneous items, such as napkins and tablecloths. Working with us will never break the bank, as we charge a flat rate of $2.99 per item, with a minimum of 20 items.

Clothes Hanging

Along with our laundry folding service, we also offer clothes hanging. This service is available for any item of clothing that's already been ironed or steam pressed. When you work with us, we don't simply hang your clothes. We also color coordinate hangers and items to your specification, so you'll always know where to find your garments. Our team can also hang curtains, tablecloths, or other non-clothing items. For our hanging service, we charge a flat rate of $2.99 with a minimum of 20 items.


In order to keep your closet in tip-top shape, we sell high-quality hangers. Our hangers come in bundles of 10 and are available in a variety of sizes, including hangers for children's and adult's clothing. We also sell hangers for non-clothing items, such as curtains, linens, and tablecloths. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

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